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Since the company’s inception it has grown tremendously. Today, we employ over 50 people, including 27 servicing mechanics from Steamfitters Local Union #420. Henry O’Reilly is diligent in meeting the task of providing his customers the most up to date solutions to all their HVAC needs.

Due to the fact that HVAC equipment and technology is ever-changing, there is a strong corporate emphasis on education. Our service mechanics are encouraged to take advantage of the continuing education programs offered by Local 420 and are often sent to training courses offered by our manufacturers, suppliers and vendors. We strive to stay on top of all the latest trends and will provide training and education to all employees so that they can do the best job possible to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

In order to demonstrate a solid, strong believe in our company, Henry feels it is important to offer quality benefits. He is always looking to explore new ways to provide employees with benefits that help make life a bit easier. Recently E.B. O’Reilly updated its vacation policy to a PTO policy providing employees more flexibility with their time off. In addition to the standard benefits offered at most companies, currently E.B. O’Reilly offers benefits that you don’t find everywhere. A number of our office personnel are working on a flex schedule that affords them every other Friday off. Henry realizes the importance of work-life balance and finds this program works towards this goal.

The work environment that Henry is building fosters a relaxed corporate atmosphere. Work can be extremely stressful and to offset that pressure, employees are offered: a relaxed dress code, a comfortable office setting that includes break areas, a shuffleboard table, flat screen TVs, great co-workers, and fun company functions.

Henry places a strong emphasis on staff retention, productivity and happiness. E. B. O’Reilly has continued to evolve into a workplace where our employees feel secure, appreciated and valued. Our company as a whole is a testament to hard work, dedication and the fact that you will get back what you give. The following breakdown of our employees’ years of service says it all!

Employees Years with Company

0 - 5 year    11 employees
over 5 to 10 years 11 employees
over 10 to 20 years 17 employees
over 20 to 30 years 7 employees
over 30 to 40 years 8 employees
over 40 years 2 employees
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