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  The Right Choice
When choosing your HVAC contractor, please be sure
to consider the following:
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Your contractor provides you with a detailed written contract
E. B. O’Reilly offers maintenance contracts tailored to our customer’s specific needs.

Your contractor is properly licensed.
E. B. O’Reilly is a licensed contractor in numerous localities throughout the Tri-State area.

Your contractor carries adequate business insurance.
E. B. O’Reilly carries coverage that meets and often exceeds our customer’s insurance requirements.

Your contractor can provide adequate bonding if required.
E. B. O’Reilly is has the bonding capabilities to provide individual project bonds that meet our customer’s requirements.

E. B. O’Reilly the RIGHT CHOICE for your HVAC needs!

Your contractor is willing and able to provide warranty service
E. B. O’Reilly provides warranty coverage for all installations.

Your contractor has adequate technical and practical experience and knowledge.
Very few HVAC contractors serving the Tri-State area can come close to the level of experience that E. B. O’Reilly has acquired. Each and every mechanic has benefited from the training required by Steamfitters Local 420.
The apprenticeship training courses run over a period of 5 years and includes 12 training sessions. Many of our mechanics have also benefited from the various continuing educational opportunities offered by Local 420.

Your contractor is established and secure.
E. B. O’Reilly’s many years of service and long standing business relationships speak volumes about the services we have provided since 1954.

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The Right Choice
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